ICDAS and ICCMS™ Epidemiology Tool


The ICDAS Co-ordinating committee are delighted to announce the widespread availability at no cost of our very first Application (App) - ICDAS Epidemiological Surveys. The development of the Software solution to this need by the ICDAS Foundation was supported financially by an unrestricted grant from Colgate Europe working with Smile-On Limited. Click here for more information about how and why it has been developedThis Epidemiology App will be available across a number of platforms with the first to launch being for iPad and PC with Android and Mac versions coming soon.

Please back up all data, as the ICDAS Foundation cannot take responsibility for data loss.


We would be delighted to receive feedback about the App from you in order to help us to develop it further.If you would like to share your views and suggestions please use our help page click here to give us feedback 


This survey tool allows dental public health epidemiologists to quickly and simply conduct caries surveys of their local populations.

Key features:
- 4 caries coding systems available (ICDAS, Modified ICDAS, Merged ICDAS, and WHO)
- Real-time graphical results
- CSV data export
- Graphical data input interface
- Options for recording: caries 'activity' and root caries
- Many surveyors can add data to your survey using different logins on the same computer
- Free optional data back-up service 

 * For desktop version you may need to intall Adobe AIR.




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