Please be aware that a new version of this software is expected in the 2nd half of 2015.


ICDAS is a peer-reviewed and internationally recognised visual assessment tool that allows a tooth's health status to be graded numerically.

The 90 minute e-learning programme available here has been developed to support training in the use of ICDAS. It explains the ICDAS examination protocol and reviews the coding system.

The ICDAS approach has applications in Clinical Practice, Clinical Research, Epidemiology / Public Health and in Dental Education. This initial e-learning programme is designed to be a general introduction to the criteria and codes, whichever application is being considered.

The ICDAS Foundation is a registered charity in Scotland. In response to international interest in the system, we have suspended the £20 GB pounds charge for online access and are now providing this at no cost, but with a request that users consider making a donation to help the Foundation maintain and develop further the System and the e-learning materials. Details of how to donate will appear shortly on this site. 

If you require a CD-ROM version which will run off-line, these will be available soon for a cost of £30 GB pounds and once again, details about how to order will appear shortly on this site.

To view the programme, you will need:


Funding for aspects of the e-learning development has been provided through no-strings educational grants from Colgate, funding for the translation  of this e-learning programme into the German language has been provided by an educational grant from GABA. Both contributions are gratefully acknowledged


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