The ICDAS co-ordinating committee is comprised of an international group of experts with a keen interest in the broad field of dental caries detection, classification, and management.

The ICDAS system has evolved over the last decade. The shared vision for the International Caries Detection and Assessment System is now that:

  • it employs an evidence-based and preventively oriented approach,
  • is a detection and assessment system classifying stages of the caries process,
  • is for use in dental education, clinical practice, research and public health,
  • provides all stakeholders with a common caries language,
  • has evolved to comprise a number of approved, compatible ‘formats’,
  • supports decision-making at both individual and public health levels and
  • has generated the International Caries Classification and Management System, to enable improved long-term caries outcomes.

The system has been trade-marked merely so that it can be continued to be used as an ‘open system’ promoted by the ICDAS Foundation charity. If you wish to donate to the ICDAS Foundation in order to help take forward further development please contact us using the online form. 

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Are you using the ICDAS system?

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